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Architectural Colleges

E002 Acharya’s NRV School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E008 Angadi School of ArchitectureBELAGAVI
E016KLE Technological UniversityHUBBALLI
E026BLDEA’s V.P.Dr.P.G.Halakatti College of Engineering & TechnologyBIJAPUR
E029 BMS School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E039 Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & ManagementBANGALORE
E054 GSSS School of Architecture for WomenMYSORE
E056 H.K.E.Society’s P.D.A. College of EngineeringGULBARGA
E073 KLS Gogte Institute of TechnologyBELGAUM
E077 M.S. Ramaiah Institute of TechnologyBANGALORE
E125Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyTUMKUR
E138Srinivas Institute of TechnologyMANGALORE
E163 SJB School of Architecture & PlanningBANGALORE
E164Reva UniversityBANGALORE
E166 Impact School Of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E167 The Oxford School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E168Mysore School of ArchitectureMYSORE
E169 R R School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E174 Aditya Academy of Architecture and DesignBANGALORE
E175 Gopalan School of Architecture and PlanningBANGALORE
E176 R V College of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E177 BGS School of Architecture and PlanningBANGALORE
E178 Wadiyar Centre for ArchitectureMYSORE
E179 K S School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E185 Brindavan College of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E186 Nitte School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E187 CMR UniversityBANGALORE
E189 BMS College of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E190 R N S School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E191 Sir M V School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E192 Christ University School of ArchitectureBANGALORE
E193 Dayananda Sagar College of ArchitectureBengaluru
E196 East West School of ArchitectureBengaluru