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KSSA intends to chart a path, pragmatic and contextual, to prepare younger generation to face the future challenges. Complimented by access to information, global exposure, computer software and such others, most students of architecture today excel in terms of creativity, novelty, innovation and graphic presentation. If so, the major challenges may be beyond these basic academic expectations.

With such larger concerns around, KSSA has identified three core factors to address - cost, culture and climate.

By default, all early buildings were cost effective, mostly built with local ideas and materials. Naturally, they had low embodied energy, causing little harm to resources of nature. With climate change posing the biggest threat we have ever faced, it is important to ensure our designs are sustainable, hence cost and material conscious.

While architecture introduces creativity, it can also impose ideas from non-familiar contexts, forcing people to live in buildings which are culturally inappropriate. Such buildings only add to the bio-data of the designers, builders and promoters, possibly leaving the users unhappy. It is imperative to correct this growing trend, where the voice of the users are also heard and architecture gets rooted in the local culture, despite being inspired by everything global.

Historically, humans could not supersede nature, but post industrialization and electronic age, we can build today with any desired climate controls. It could be seen as an achievement, but in reality it is also the cause for present day crisis. Climate change cannot be reversed unless we learn to design for climate. All the savior approaches, like eco-friendly, green, sustainable and low energy architecture are hinged around climate.

KSSA believes that sustainable architecture for the future will have to revolve around cost, culture and climate, hence intends to impart that sensitivity to students, without compromising on observation, imagination and originality.

We shall strive to build an architectural ecosystem that constantly evolves to be professionally relevant and socially sensitive.


The School of Architecture shall empower the students to critically engage with the community and the natural environment by instilling the essential principles of design and inspiring a sense of exploration and creative experimentation in designing the built environment, with focus on Culture, Climate & Cost.


Citizen: We value our role and responsibility as citizens and recognize the need to approach our profession in a humanistic manner as stewards of our built and natural environment.

Passion: We value a steady and unrelenting passion and excitement for design, creativity, innovation and engagement with the issues of the built and natural environments.

Agility: We value the ability to transform and innovate in response to the shifting conditions and opportunities in society.

Experimentation: We value an education that embraces experimentation and risk taking that leads to innovation and discovery in order to influence the role and impact of design on society and the future.

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