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Test Scheme and Related Details

  1. The scope of the syllabi for the Post Graduate Medical / Dental entrance test is based on the M.B.B.S. / B.D.S. syllabus as prescribed by MCI / DCI respectively.
  2. There will be one separate test for PG Medical and another separate test for PG Dental Courses. Each test will have 180 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).
  3. The test comprises of two sections in each streams:
    1. Medical Stream
      • Section I : Direct MCQ’s – 120 questions of 1 mark each
      • Section II : Clinical vignettes linked MCQs– 60 question of 1 mark each
    2. Dental Stream
      • Section I : Direct MCQ’s – 148 questions of 1 mark each
      • Section II : Clinical vignettes linked MCQs– 32 question of 1 mark each
  4. The test will be held on the mentioned time and date in all the test centres simultaneously and the time allotted for the test is 180 minutes (3 hours). The test will begin at 10:00 AM and end at 01:00 PM.
    • Countdown timer will display the remaining time available to complete the examination
    • Question Palette displayed on the right side of screen will show the status of each question
    • You can easily navigate to any question by clicking on the question number in the Question Palette
    • You can mark a question for review and then come back to it for saving the correct option
    • You can easily navigate between multiple sections by clicking the respective section displayed on the top bar of the screen
    • You can view the answering status for a Section by placing the mouse over the name of the Section.
    • You can view all the questions by clicking on the Question Paper button.
    • You can shuffle between different sections or change the optional Sections any number of times.
  6. MOCK TEST : In order to familiarize the students to the computer based test, an opportunity in the form of MOCK TEST is made available in our website
    Click here to take COMEDK PGET Dental Mock Test
    Click here to take COMEDK PGET Medical Mock Test
  7. Each correct answer is awarded one mark
  8. There will be no negative marking.
  9. However, in the event of a tie in the score the principle of least negative responses (Number of wrong answers) will be adopted. In addition, if required, other methods may be adapted to break ties vide Para 37 of Page No. 26.

A merit / rank list is generated based on the candidate's score in entrance test only. This rank list is the basis for participation in the seat selection process (counselling) later. A minimum of 50% for General Merit and 40% for those belonging to SC/ST/OBC categories.

Instructions for Test Takers

Candidates to please note:

  1. Report 120 minutes before the commencement of the test (8:00 AM)
  2. The Examination Hall will be opened 60 minutes before the commencement of the test. Candidates are expected to take their seats immediately. If the candidates do not report in time, they are likely to miss some of the general instructions.
  3. The candidate must show, on demand, the Online TAT and the Unique Photo Id Proof in original that was mentioned in the Application. A candidate who does not possess the Online TAT downloaded and Unique Photo ID in original shall not be admitted to the Examination Hall under any circumstances.
  4. During the examination time, the invigilator will check the Online TAT and the Unique Photo Id Proof in original of the candidates to satisfy himself / herself about the identity of each candidate.
  5. In the Examination Hall the candidate must find and occupy his / her specific place checking for the TAT number. If a candidate is found taking the test from a place which is not assigned to him/her, his/her candidature shall be cancelled.
  6. After 9:30 AM candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall to take the test under any circumstances.
  7. COMEDK is not responsible for any delay by any means of transportation to the city and reaching the test centre beyond the given time and also the candidate will not be allowed to enter the examination hall and take the test in the event of delay. It is advisable to reach the Test Location a day prior to the examination, if the candidates are not from the same Test location.
  8. Candidates are advised in their own interest not to carry any of the personal computational devices, Bluetooth devices, cell phones, any electronic gadgets etc; to the venue of the examination as arrangement for safe keeping of the same cannot be assured.
  9. Candidates must not carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers, any electronic gadgets except the Online Test Admission Ticket, 2 Recent passport size photograph, Unique original photo ID as mentioned in Application Form /TAT.
  10. For those who are unable to appear on the scheduled date of the examination for any reason, re-examination shall not be held by COMEDK under any circumstances.
  11. It is mandatory for the candidate to bring his/her 2 recent not older than three months passport size colour photograph (the same which was uploaded to the application) during the conduct of COMEDK PGET-2016. At the back of the photograph, candidate must mention his/her name, and TAT number.
  12. Kindly note that after the invigilator has verified the Online TAT, the candidates must sign on their Online TAT and in the presence of the invigilator;
  13. Biometric recording will be done before and during the test session (at the discretion of COMEDK) and the candidates are required to cooperate.
  14. The Candidates are not allowed to go out of the room temporarily for any reason during the test duration and any attempt in this behalf is treated as one of the grounds of dismissal.
  15. Candidate cannot leave the examination hall before 1:00 pm on exam day

Grounds for Dismissal

The COMEDK PGET-2016 test administrator is authorized to dismiss a candidate from a test session for:

  1. Attempting to take the test for someone else (Impersonation).
  2. Failing to provide the unique identity proof when asked for.
  3. Creating disturbance at the test venue.
  4. Giving or receiving un-authorised help.
  5. Using any forbidden / un-authorised testing aids, such as personal computational devices, Bluetooth devices, cell phones, any electronic gadgets etc.,
  6. Leaving the test centre before the stipulated time.
  7. Refusing to follow directions as stipulated by the invigilators etc.,
  8. Photographic mismatch / photographs older than three months / smudged / hazy photograph will result in disqualification of the candidates.
  9. If the candidates having a past history of criminal records or having involved in ragging, as defined by the concerned regulatory authorities, are not allowed to take the entrance test and at the same time if it is established of the above offences subsequently, such candidates even if selected would be debarred from further pursuing a course.
  10. The UGC regulations on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions issued in April 2009 are available on the COMEDK website ( separately.

Failure to comply with the test procedures and regulations or with the test administrator's directions can result in COMEDK taking action/s that include, but are not limited to, barring candidates from future testing and or cancelling the test scores. No results would be announced in respect of dismissed candidates.

Result Publishing

  1. Provisional Answer Keys, Final Answer Keys (post challenge verification) and Test Scores of the candidates will be made available under the individual login, as per the calendar of events. Clarifications, if any, should be sought within the dates stipulated. Subsequently the final result made available which will be binding on all candidates and no further claim would be entertained thereafter. (Please refer to the Calendar of Events for details).
  2. Applicants seeking any clarifications with regard to Provisional Answer Keys:
    1. Applicant to login using his/ her user ID and password and fill the query in the challenge form provided online, clearly indicating the grievance and with all necessary enclosures in a prescribed format which can be downloaded from our website.
    2. Clarification regarding provisional answer key should be submitted online in the format made available with a fee of Rs.1000/-(Rupees One Thousand) per clarification to be paid online only.
    3. Only if the clarification sought is upheld, the money would be refunded in full after the COMEDK PGET 2016 process is completed.
    4. Any request for clarification of provisional answer keys beyond the last date as stipulated in calendar of events will not be entertained.

    Note:Seeking clarification as above is only for provisional answer keys. Such clarifications are not entertained in respect of Final answer keys/Test Score and thereafter the Rank.

  3. Any verifications / clarifications sought by the applicants will be put forth to the COMEDK’s Academic Committee for their consideration and the decision given by the committee shall be final and binding on all

Final Merit/Rank List Publishing

  1. The final merit / rank is generated based on the performance in the entrance test and the same will be made available on 05/02/2016

    Inter-se Merit:

    Ties in the test scores, if any, will be resolved based on the following, in the order specified:

    • The principle of least negative responses (Number of wrong answers) in the PGET 2016 exam
    • Number of additional attempts during the course of study, i.e., M.B.B.S. / B.D.S.
    • Total aggregate percentage scored in the M.B.B.S. / B.D.S exams
    • The age of the candidate, the elder candidate is ranked higher than the younger candidate. In case of tie existing after exhausting in all of the above situations, merit will be based on random selection
  2. The Final Merit / Rank List will be sent to the regulatory authorities.
  3. All candidates must note that any form of canvassing or influence exercised would result in permanent disqualification of the applicant without any prior notice. is the only official website of the Consortium. COMEDK is not responsible for information available on other websites / elsewhere.

Please Note: COMEDK has entered into a strategic alliance with ERA Foundation, India ( the conduct of online examination. However, please note that it does not have any agents, liaison, admission offices, representatives or any other office/s other than the offices of COMEDK & ERA Foundation mentioned in this brochure. Candidates are requested not to depend upon or deal with any person or organization/s claiming to be associated with the COMEDK or ERA, Foundation activities or claiming to help with admissions or entrance tests. COMEDK will not be responsible for the same and it advises the candidates to bring them to the notice of the concerned police authorities for taking penal action.

Online Rank Card

  1. Online Rank Card will be available under applicant login in the COMEDK website from 05/02/2016. Candidates appearing for COMEDK PGET-2016 counseling should download & obtain a printout of the Online Rank card.
  2. No Rank Card will be dispatched either by email/post /courier / in person to the candidates under any circumstances.
  3. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the counseling venue without the print out of Online Rank Card which is one of the mandatory documents.

Biometric Verification

  1. Candidates intending to take the Post Graduate Entrance Test 2016 may be required to undergo biometric verification. (i)Before and during the test (ii) during centralized counseling for seat selection (iii) at the college level, during the admission process.
  2. To ensure fairness to the merited students and to eliminate fraudulent attempts, it is planned to use Biometrics (Fingerprinting) at various stages of the process and this would be done at the discretion of COMEDK.
  3. COMEDK reserves the right to change (or) reset the Biometric recording parameters at any time during the test process.
  4. Any mismatch at any stage will automatically result in disqualification of the candidate and he/she will not be permitted to participate in any further process of seat selection and admission to PG course. Further, impostors are liable for criminal prosecution.

Seat Selection process

‘Brochure for COMEDK PGET – 2016’ lays down the procedure and necessary regulations for conduct of Entrance Test only. For Seat Selection process and other related processes the candidates are advised to visit our website for regular updates.

Assistance/Facilities to candidates

In order to provide timely information to the candidates about their applications, or the entrance test, or the results thereof, COMEDK has made the following arrangements:

Assistance to candidates Contact Details Timing
For queries on Online
Application form and exam related queries you may contact
ERA Foundation Office
Toll Free:18001036182,
Landline: 080-40921612,
Monday to Friday :10:00 am to 6:00 pm,
Saturday :10:00 am to 1:00 pm . 
Not operational on Sunday and other public holidays.

The website contains all the information available in this brochure. The website contains information pertaining to the Member Institutions, the courses offered and other relevant details.

No personal Queries will be entertained. The communication can be made only through Telephone / Fax or Email.

COMEDK office is situated at the following address:
#132, Second Floor, 11th Main
17th Cross, Malleswaram
Bangalore - 560 055, Karnataka

Kindly Note:

1. Due care has been taken to compile the information contained in this information brochure, however should some inadvertent error be present, COMEDK, is not liable for the same.

2. All information or details with regards to the Member Institutions have been provided by the institutions, should any inadvertent error be present, COMEDK, is not liable and responsible for the same.

3. COMEDK cannot be held responsible for denial of Internet service, website unavailability, and unavailability to connect / reach voice / non voice support or any other reasons, beyond the control of COMEDK.

4. Applicants are advised not to send their original transcripts/Photocopies of Application form or other required documents to COMEDK office. COMEDK will not be responsible for any original /physical documents or transcripts sent. All required documents have to be uploaded with the application form online.

5. Should there be unforeseen changes in the calendar of events; COMEDK is not responsible for the same.

6. The process enlisted in this brochure, is based on guidelines prescribed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the concerned statutory bodies. Any changes indicated by the statutory bodies during the COMEDK PGET-2016 process are binding on COMEDK for implementation.

7. All documents relating to COMEDK PGET 2016 will be retained for the current academic year only. Hence any dispute beyond the said academic year cannot be entertained.

8. The information content in this brochure is as on the date of Notification. Please refer to our web site for current and updated information.

9. COMEDK reserves the right to modify the various terms and conditions and other criteria incorporated in this brochure at its discretion and at any time after notifying the same on its website

All communication to COMEDK shall have to be either in English / Kannada Language only.